[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Your name has a sound

My heart moves, closer to

Looking at your picture 

I lost comprehension, all to you


The world around me

Spoke, in wallpaper ambience 

They moved along

Noticing nothing, about France


Across chasms of continuum

We have flown

I am bound, to you

My attachments are sown 


Portals tie

Forward and back, Begin mission

Unraveling sequences

Knots come undone, amends christen


Mere appearances  

Apparitions, trapped in time

Eyes color abound

Separated, sitting, alone on fault lines


Parallel we walk

So much space, a sea between

Although universes apart

You are the mean

And the end, for me


Implicit assumptions

Fear without you, a matter of never?

Believing in the power

Mind, controlled feelings severed


I will wait 

As the karma is thrown

Broken dimensions

Folded into the unknown


Lasting goodbyes

Consciousness entangled, for all to see

For only so long

Retinal fragments, who could it be?


Unfinished helixes

Pathétique, relative too none

Flat symphonies

Samsara’s ocean, rising like the sun


Marooned destinies

Fate is sealed, message kept

Ghostly whispers 

Face before me, karma wept