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[text_output]Permeating my subconscious into my dreams, two times in the same week, to let me know you no longer love me doesn’t really change how I feel. I’m sure in some Freudian slip on the wet floor of life that this is a caution cone. Treading carefully I realize all the things that could be; I could focus on where I don’t want things to end up or I could listen to you when you were teaching me how to surf, “Look where you want to go Ris. Wherever your looking is where you going to end up.” As applicable as this one piece of knowledge can be, it will carry with me through eternity. Like a watch that stopped time, I’m always taken back to that moment. The smell of the ocean, your smile, that feeling after riding my first wave, the connection to the universe and to you.

Letting go in the middle of this insanity just leaves me without a sense of hope. It seems to be one of the few things I have left, bringing with it a field of expectation. How things can be if I just wait for you. I’m filled with dichotomies, the expectations of letting go. (Clearing the way for this journey I’m on…) If I look where I want to go, it’s with you. I still see us together. Are the dreams only a test or are they a sign?[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]