The news spreading across the Internet is that an artist movement called Facade has claimed responsibility for graffiti on another government building.  The word ‘Control’ was projected all over the Charleston Public Library in South Carolina last night. This would be the 39th city that has been vandalized by members of Facade. Although no physical damage was done to any of the buildings, the government is declaring that “these acts of vandalism will constitute terrorism under the Cyber Security Act.”, says Thomas Vider, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. He continues, “Any desecration of government facilities physical, virtual or otherwise will be found in violation of Cyber Security Act and the perpetrators will be charged accordingly.” It’s still unclear at this time how it could be a violation, there seems to be a bill being pushed through Congress by Senator Jordan Baker-R from South Carolina “to address this type of vandalism once and for all”.  Whether this latest event is related to Senator Baker’s stance, or South Carolina being the 15th state that passed the Entertainment Security Act legislation last Tuesday, is still uncertain.

It all started 3 months ago in San Francisco, with Facade projecting the same word ‘Control’ repeated all over the Federal Building there, in opposition to SF Entertainment Commission passing a law that required any establishment that had a capacity of 50 to have security cameras installed on the premises recording all the activities of patrons. These videos were to be available to the Police Department or any government agency request for up to 1 year. Also, all occupants of the premises (including patrons, promoters, and performers, etc.) must participate in a iris scan to enter the establishment and will be permanently kept on file in the iris database in Washington, DC.

This has caused many privacy advocates to speak up like Director of the Electronic Privacy Commission, Jason Millbright has said, “This is the most totalitarian abuse of power since the Patriot Act. We can no longer let our private lives be invaded by The Watchers”. The EPC have been holding protests throughout the country to raise awareness under the slogan, “Data Freedom belongs to US”. Protesters have rallied by the tens of thousands in the participating cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Asheville, Charlotte, Miami, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas and Raleigh-Durham to show their support. Coincidentally, these same cities have had their government buildings ‘vandalized’ by projections from the Facade movement. “These subversives and their actions will be held accountable.”, claims DHS Deputy Secretary Mr. Vider.

Whether or not these projections fall under the DHS has yet to be seen but it appears that eventually it just might get its way. Facade released a statement saying,


“As individuals who come together are protected, by the Constitution, to protest in peace. So too shall the freedoms of speech be a shining reminder, day or night, that we are guided to speak the truth above all else. Facade are private citizens and stand with all those who wish to remain that way. We expect to be able to travel in public freely without Watchers. Just as the air outside can not be owned nor shall our data be owned by governments or corporations just because it’s in public or on the internet. We declare our physical and cyber identities no longer public domain but copyrighted henceforth. Just as musicians, writers, actors, painters, photographers and artists worldwide have had the privilege to copyright their works for well over a century. So too shall we copyright the melodies of our lives. We are a living breathing canvas and the decisions we make are our brushes. Our walk, speech, movements, writings and faces including eyes belong to us. Each individual carrying a unique identifier, in the form of a DNA sequence, through space and time is more magical and copyrightable than a million symphonies playing Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Debussy for eternity. We can not be recorded by any means analog, digital or otherwise without expressed written consent. Nor can any data, or content, be stored or accessed that contains personal private information without a written notification, or warrant, signed by the person who’s private data is copyrighted. All data is considered private from hence forth unless otherwise noted.”




We are the face of the future


We have asked the DHS for a statement on this and they have declined at this time. We shall keep you updated as this story continues.

Update: Facade has released a video. It is unclear from the video if it’s related to these particular events.