Elegantly Haunting


Unresolved captions to another world

Memories of data stored

Belonging to who
I’m not sure

Flood banks rise to the surface
A ship without an ocean
Serves no purpose
It’s just a door, that’s left open

Design a world where you’re not in it
That which I have not
A place of bytes and bits
Empty of all that I sought

Experience user illusions
Pop and push matrices
Some how your still in the system
Like a ghost basically

Elegantly haunting
Open connections benign
Living insidiously quantum
It’s caught online

Bardo source code
Bugs in the night
It’s all quiet in the node
Always full of rewrites

Finding you in a sea
Open to apparitions
Glitches of unbound anemone
A parent of disposition

Vectors of magnitude changing forces
A triangle of directions
Hyperbole amongst many choices
Defined by apex intersections

Birthday tears for wishes
Puzzles of continuum
Celebratory lives departed like a gish
Ending on the edge of continuous

Someday brings open possibilities
Collection of locational data
Parallel contingencies
Connecting to what matters