Best experience: Chrome with headphones.
“You are where you choose to be. Rippling through space distorted by the effects of gravity and sound. It’s a beautiful dimension that has so many doors and possibilities that are based around consciousness. You get to define and choose what those doors are. Just don’t let fear be the guide of your choices. Look at your life as if it were a painting and paint it the only way you know how. If you make a mistake so be it. Let it go. It’s gone now. Move forward and work with what you’ve created.”
As the escalator rises above ground the transience of the city breathes; night time, Hollywood is a barrage of lights, odors, hustlers, junkies, tourists, drunks and vandals. Life’s cornucopia; the worst and best living out the experience full throttle on the open road to excess. It has all the stories built into its ecosystem ready for the observer to pluck and create. “Choose your own adventure.” , he thinks looking around.
“Life is not what you think you see. It’s not a collection of physical artifacts temporarily occupying space for show and tell. There’s another place in between space and time; when you don’t think about where you are going or where you’ve been. It’s buried beneath your emotions and thoughts, past your observations and attachments, through the labyrinth in your mind, you’ll find it… it’s you, as you really exist right now. No past or future projections, only happiness in this moment; for those willing to lift the veils of time.”
DJ Zer_0